Care Assistant

We have care assistant vacancies available for candidates willing to carry out the following duties.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities
1. To advise, assist with or attend to the appropriate personal needs of service users, which will include dressing, washing toileting, feeding, and putting service users to bed and get them up. A service user’s right to privacy, respect, dignity and confidentiality must be observed at all times.

2. To observe, monitor and report to the Manager, any significant changes in the service user’s health, mood, and behaviour and attitude, or change in circumstances.

3. To advise, assist with or undertake washing, drying, mending, ironing and storage of clothing and household linen if required.

4. To advise, assist with or undertake the planning, preparation, cooking and serving meals to assist service user’s with dietary and fluid intake.

5. To collect prescriptions, medication and dressing from the nearest GP or Chemist as necessary, and to assist, where it is considered appropriate, in managing routine medication on a day-to-day basis, with the prior approval of the Manager. The administration of medication only applies if you have a certificate of approved medication training.

6. To provide general support to the service users, as part of the team, and with other services as necessary.

7. To share in the service user’s activities, socializing, assisting with shopping and recreation when red.

8. To participate in in-house training and utilizing learned skills in practice.

9. To record all necessary information clearly and legibly in line with care home procedures.

10. To ensure that services are provided in accordance with The Good Shepherd Healthcare Services objectives of Quality Assurance.

11. To ensure compliances with requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

12. To comply with policies and procedures of the Home in which they are placed.

13. To perform other duties, as may from time to time be required by The Good Shepherd Healthcare Services.