Personalised Homecare Package
We create a personalized homecare package which is right for you and your loved ones. Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss more on our “The Good Shepherd (Tgscare) Six Star Service” and how it can be personalized for your needs or those of your loved ones.

Early Morning Care / Morning Call
When you need help getting out of bed in the morning or assistance with grooming i.e. bathing and dressing? Your Tgscare carer can help you accomplishing/meeting all these and other activities to start your day comfortably.

Lunch Time Help / Lunch Call
To ensure your well being your Tgscare carers can pop in to cook or warm your lunch meal, prompt you to take your medication or simply make you a cup of tea or coffee.

Comfort Check / Tea Time Call
You might feel that you haven’t got any specific home-care requirements, but would still appreciate a visit to check on your safety or delivery of prescription.

Sunset Care Service / Night Call
Your Tgscare home carer can visit you at sunset, assist you to settle well for the evening and make you an evening meal.

Emergency Assistance
Whenever you need urgent any help Tgscare is there for you and we are happy to provide you with one of our courteous Tgscare  home carer to meet your urgent needs at a short notice.

Live in Care

The Good Shepherd Healthcare Services provides the highest quality live in care to those who are looking for an alternative to Care homes. We appreciate the fact that it is worrying to have a stranger in your home, hence we take special care in our selection process of the carers with good interpersonal skills and whom we further train so as to best suit your needs.


We know sometimes a sitting service is just what is required by you either during the day or evening. The Good Shepherd Healthcare Services (TGS) is committed to providing you with the highest Companionship Service. We also offer overnight service to ensure your loved one is safe and supported in getting up in the night if that is required.